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Tindigo proposes consulting and project management services to companies willing to improve their internal processes as well as e-solutions for business document exchanges with customers and partners.

Tindigo supports its clients in the various project phases and provides project management services

Tindigo assists companies from the definition of the requirements and the selection of the best solution corresponding to the targeted integration level till the implementation phase. Tindigo manages projects in the following domains:

  • Implementation of e-solutions (see below)
  • On boarding: invitation of end-customers to opt for receiving e-invoices or e-documents. Monitoring of the preparation and migration processes
  • Paperless process: reduce or replace use of paper in the internal process
  • Dematerialization of incoming invoices

Tindigo offers e-solutions

Tindigo proposes well-proven solutions and services

  • E-invoicing, e-documents, e-forms & e-signatures in B2B and B2C
  • Dematerialization of incoming invoices
  • Message transformations, message standard conversion & EDI
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Document Management Systems (DMS)