We believe that nowadays companies which are constantly looking to improve their performance require integrating in their system structured and unstructured information and data which are daily exchanged with their suppliers and partners through different formats and channels. As a consequence, they ought to provide the same facilities to their customers by increasing the automation level and the use of messaging standards.

Our mission is to support companies to deal with the transformation of their process, organization and systems which will allow to better operate, to reduce their costs and to generate maximum value to their customers.

A passion for applied innovation and technology combined with a deep expertise in project management gained in business improvement projects in different sectors -broadening from banking and energy to manufacturing- enable us to guide companies in aligning IT strategy, organization and processes to sustain their overall business strategy.

Tindigo’s objective is to assist our customers in defining their requirements and selecting with them and our partners the solution which best corresponds to the targeted integration level. Thanks to our experience in steering transformation projects on the field and our pragmatic approach, we closely support companies in the solution delivery phase and in their continuous improvement process.