e-forms & electronic signatures

Do you want to gain time and increase your efficiency when you request your customers and partners to fill in and sign forms? Through the use of an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, forms can be easily completed online, signed and further automatically integrated in your backend application. Your advantages:

  • Gain time in the process of having customers or partners filling in forms and signing documents!
  • Avoid scanning and OCR processing of received documents, manual validating the results, manual linking of these documents into your backend system and archiving of paper documents!

Complete forms electronically

PDF forms can be completed online (and, if needed, further electronically signed) and the data can be integrated in your backend application (ERP, CRM, ...) without any further manual intervention.

Additionally, on the basis of data entered by customers in your webform, PDF documents can be generated and then signed electronically.

Electronic signature of documents (eID, pen,..)

The e-documents can be signed with the electronic identity card (eID) and can also be signed on a Smartphone (iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone,...), a tablet (Ipad, Android) or on a touchscreen-PC. This is a perfect solution for your salesman on the road or, e.g., for temporary staff contract signature from home or on a kiosk from your agency.

In order to increase the integration with your system, documents can easily be signed from within your software package (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics,..) or from custom made applications (Java, .NET).

Tindigo and its partner, developer of the platform, will help you to specify your requirements, ensure project coordination and implement the solution and the interfaces in a short timeframe.