Sending e-documents

All your business documents exchanged with customers, suppliers, employees and other partners can be presented in an electronic format. As business partners have different needs and requirements, the platform provides different delivery channels and services allowing these documents to be delivered via e-mail or be presented within a portal.

The sophisticated and easy-to-use portal is presented within your corporate website or customer portal, fully respecting your corporate identity. Within this portal you can present any kind of document online, such as:

  • Invoices (refer to Sending e-invoices)
  • Contracts
  • Purchase orders
  • Salary slips and other HR documents (group insurance individual statement,…)
  • Insurance policies
  • Reminder letters
  • Newsletters
  • etc.

Thanks to its scalability, the platform is suitable for both local SME’s and  large enterprises. The solution is offered as a service (SaaS), thus no investments are required for neither infrastructure, nor software licenses, nor maintenance.  It also implies no need for the development of internal knowledge about e-documents.

Additional functionalities

This e-document solution offers a wide range of additional functionalities and services, such as advanced electronic signature, online payment or via Zoomit, online query tool and dispute management, bounced e-mail reporting, e-document access notification, legal archive,…

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Additional functionalities and services:

      • Advanced Electronic signatures

        The electronic signature brings security to your company. Despite international liberalization and tentative to balance the legal force of paper and digital invoices, electronic signatures remain the best practice for guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of your confidential documents. Our electronic documents and invoicing solutions always include electronic signatures.

        The signature functionality will add either an Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) or a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) to your online PDF documents.

        After signing the PDF documents, the platform will either:

        • send the documents to your company for storage within your own archive or portal (when the electronic signature is requested outside the e-invoicing service)
        • or send the documents directly to your customers via our e-mail service
        • or present the documents online within one of the e-Invoicing portals.
      • Online Payment or Payment via Zoomit

        Each platform offers extensive online payment functionalities implemented through several Payment Service Providers (PSP) that operate locally and internationally. Through these payment partners you have an access to a global and multi-currency service with the main leading card schemes.

        How does it work? Through one single connection, your customers will have direct access to the required payment options. Within the web portal or even via the notification e-mail, online payments options are provided.

        Furthermore, if you request it, you have the option to make your invoices and other documents available via Zoomit.

      • Online query tool and dispute management

        Your customer having a question on an invoice/document or wishing to contest it, may use the Online query tool and start a conversation with your colleagues in charge via message exchanges. Giving customers the opportunity to send in remarks via the portal will lead to a more manageable dispute process. By stimulating customers to send in remarks or queries via the e-Invoicing portal, the pressure on call centers or perhaps even on the financial department will decrease.

      • Bounced email reporting

        The platform will inform your organization of the non-delivery of a document because the email address of the receiver is not correct, not valid or facing another technical problem.

      • Document access notification

        For documents made available through a link or through a portal, the platform is capable of notifying your organization when your document/invoice has been accessed by the recipient. This will reduce the number of customers claiming the non reception of a document and requesting the transmission of a duplicate.

      • Legal archive

        After the electronic signing process, the documents with the appropriate electronic signature will be uploaded in the online archive for online availability during the full legal period.

        As we offer Hybrid Print & Mail services as well, the online legal archive will contain all documents, including the electronically delivered documents as well as the documents being delivered on paper 
        See on the following section : "Hybrid Print & Mail document solution" »

Tindigo and its partner, developer of the platform, will help you to specify your requirements, select the best suitable platform functionalities, ensure project coordination and implement the solution in a short timeframe.

Additionally Tindigo can help you to increase the number of customers opting to receive your e-documents (see On-boarding services)