On-boarding serviceS

when 5% to 10% of opt in is not satisfactory !

The success of your e-invoicing (or e-documents) project is linked to the acceptation of the electronic form by your customers.

For many organizations, like yours, reaching 5% or 10% of their customers having decided to move to electronic documents is not delivering the expected cost reductions.

But 5% to 10% is the usual score of “opt in” success without a dedicated, repetitive and determined action plan!

There are several strategies and actions to convince your customers to move to the electronic way and, so, to increase this opt in rate. Undertaking these actions as an integrated plan is key for the success of your project.

Tindigo will help you to determine the best suitable strategies and actions to increase the number of customers opting for the electronic form and accepting associated functionalities, such as online payment functionality (Zoomit or others). In addition, Tindigo will support you during the strategy implementation phase and will challenge with you the actions and their results, with a view to preparing the reiteration of the on boarding action cycle.

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Tindigo will support your organization in this on boarding process during two main stages:

Stage 1: Strategy & action plan establishment based on an initial brainstorming or face to face meetings with key people in your organization. On basis of information and guidance provided by Tindigo, your organization will be able to :

  • select the on boarding strategy in line with your commercial strategy
  • choose the adequate communication messages able to convince your customers of the benefits of e-documents for them
  • decide on the actions priority and timeframe
  • agree on a coordinated action plan that includes recurrent action cycles

Stage 2: Actions follow up

  • Follow up of agreed actions and planning
  • Follow up of progress indicators (KPI)
  • Proposal of corrective actions
  • Activation of next actions cycle