Support in Paperless process improvement

Still receiving unstructured transactional messages from customers or partners?

Sunk under numerous papers floating around in your organization?

When you detect that:

  • your organization is still receiving unstructured messages with transactional data (instructions, orders, …) per phone, fax or email
  • your colleagues are recurrently re-keying in numerous transactional information received in an inadequate format from customers or partners

Tindigo can help you by analysing the received messages, their contents as well as your transactional process and by providing you with advice and solutions to suppress the manual activities and to efficiently integrate these messages into your automated process flow.

When you detect that:

  • electronic information is regularly printed during your administrative or operational process without clear reasons for doing so
  • you are lacking tracing information of a step in your administrative process
  • your workflow is too complicated or too rigid to cope with the flexibility requested by several process exceptions

Tindigo will help you by analysing your work process and by providing you with advice to improve part of your workflow or to introduce one in your organization.