Support in project management

Launching a project aimed at optimizing the document management (e-documents, document dematerialization, incoming invoice scanning, paper archives scanning, transition to EDI, workflow improvement,…) has an impact on your organization, both at process, people, environment and tools level. This change needs to be carefully managed in order to achieve your target objectives. Tindigo will support your project in collaboration with your internal resources up till, the full coordination of your project and associated activities.

Tindigo will allocate to your project an experienced professional with recognized expertise and certification in Project Management, who will work with your colleagues and suppliers up to full completion of your project.

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Project management approach: Tindigo will manage your project in close liaison with the project sponsor & committee and will dedicate attention to the following steps:

  • Collection of the business, functional and technical requirements
  • Inventory of feasible solutions
  • Identification of the most pragmatic solution:
    • Meeting the requirements
    • Optimizing investments
    • Assuring integration in the existing environment
  • Implementation accompaniment in a thorough & transparent way to ensure smooth “project to operations” transition
  • Provision of a complete project documentation folder at the end of the project

This will be carried out keeping quality & customer satisfaction as constant objectives during each project step.